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Wedninterestday – I Hope You Like Meat

Listerine foot soaks aren’t the only thing I’ve been pinning lately. My Pinterest boards have been getting a workout these past few weeks – from crochet projects to snail mail inspo to recipes to clothes I want to buy but will never actually own because my proportions are too weird to purchase garments online. More… Continue reading Wedninterestday – I Hope You Like Meat


On Honesty and Functional Dysfunction

I have been thinking about honesty a lot lately, in part because people have been uncharacteristically (or characteristically, if I’m not being naive about it) dishonest with me, but mostly because I’ve been lying by omission pretty much constantly lately and I’m not sure how badly I feel about it. I have begun equating my personal life with functional alcoholism;… Continue reading On Honesty and Functional Dysfunction

Awwwwwkward · New Miranda (Self-Betterment Projects)

New Miranda In Da Houuuuuuuse!

I was on a conference call for work today with several Managers and a Vice President, when I loudly and proudly proclaimed my love for Pokemon Go (in my defence, I thought one of the managers had asked about it, but maybe I imagined it?). My little outburst was met with a chorus of silence before everyone moved on as if I hadn’t… Continue reading New Miranda In Da Houuuuuuuse!

Monthly Favourites (Like the Beauty Vloggers Do, If Beauty Vloggers Mostly Talked About Internet Videos)

June Favourites

Juuuuuuuuuuune Favourites! It’s been awhile since I’ve written one of these. Let me be your guide to (a bunch of crap you probably don’t care about on) The Internet. 7 Minutes in Heaven My very favourite thing that happened this month was me finding out that one of my most loved, formerly abandoned, YouTube series’, 7… Continue reading June Favourites