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New Miranda In Da Houuuuuuuse!

I was on a conference call for work today with several Managers and a Vice President, when I loudly and proudly proclaimed my love for Pokemon Go (in my defence, I thought one of the managers had asked about it, but maybe I imagined it?). My little outburst was met with a chorus of silence before everyone moved on as if I hadn’t… Continue reading New Miranda In Da Houuuuuuuse!

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Success! Embarrassment! Mortification! Victory!

Guess who got her license?! THIS GIRL!!!! I could say that this success was the result of the months of driving practice I put in, but I’m pretty sure it was the 2 hours I spent before the exam frantically googling St. Christopher and where I could purchase one of his pendants to hang on… Continue reading Success! Embarrassment! Mortification! Victory!