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2018: Create a Lot of Things (even if it turns into a garbage fire)

Happy New Year Text with Gold Fireworks in Night Sky

Well, it’s January 2nd and I am literally and figuratively writing this post from bed (where I have been, by the way, all day). I’ve been feeling like crap, entertaining out-of-town guests, and feeling behind in general. Gone is the mid-December New Year fervour, and in its place, the “Oh shit, now I actually have to do work?!” blahs have come to roost a little earlier than usual.

It’s almost better this way because instead of just listing a bunch of boring resolutions here for you, I’ve been rejigging my whole plan, and I can distil everything down to “focus on the tangible results.” And not to toot my own horn (trust me, I have very little to toot about at the moment), but that’s what I’m doing here right this minute. I can plot and obsess over the perfect blog to kick off 2018, or I could just… you know… write it. It won’t be perfect (and it might not even be good), but it’s here and it’s something that I actually produced. Create a lot of things (even if they are absolute garbage); that’s my motto for 2018!

Now, I know that no New Years post would be complete without some sort of list for posterity’s sake, so here are some of the goals (and appointments?) I captured on my phone for 2018 (note that I’m not including embarrassing – but actual – items I wrote down like “vibrate at the same rate as the universe” – I may have gotten a little carried away with self help books November):

  • Lose 55lbs and start a weight loss vlog
  • Learn to play 2 songs on the piano
  • Have my wisdom teeth removed
  • Get my full license
  • Get my eyes tested and buy some new glasses
  • Double my income
  • Start and religiously pay into a house fund
  • Take a vacation to somewhere I’ve never been before
  • Visit Toronto at least once

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