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All of the Pleasures!

Pouring liquid hot chocolate closeup. Cooking dessert.Why are Tootsie Rolls so damn good? And why, whhhhyyyyyy did I give all of mine away Halloween night?! Now I have a whole house full of candy, but my favourite one-ingredient-away-from-being-actual-plastic treat is gone and I’m forced to eat real chocolate bars. My life is so hard.

Speaking of things that are hard: Blogtober. Amiright? That particular dream of mine died a silent death on October 1st when the clock struck 11:59pm, and I thought “well, there’s always 2018”. I think my problem is I have seemingly infinite tomorrows that I can schedule things into, in favour of playing another round of Cooking Dash on my iPhone RIGHT NOW. If the way I delegate my time is a measure of my priorities, the most important things in my life are Cooking Dash (the best game on earth), Restaurant Dash (the Gordon Ramsay edition), and Merge Town (the game that has absolutely no point but I play anyway). And Tootsie Rolls. I mean, it’s not a terrible way to waste your life, but I’m well on my way to becoming so lazy and overweight, my heart stops from sheer inactivity and I have to be buried in a transport truck trailer.

You know what else I’ve been doing non-stop lately? Watching this clip from Letterkenny, because Bonnie McMurray in that baseball uniform does all sorts of things to my feelings:


When the Halloween episode came out, I made Chase rewind all of the Bonnie scenes so I could watch them again. I’m basically a gross old man and I’m okay with it.


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