Let’s Talk About Weight Loss… Again

Remember a few months ago when I smugly wrote about how I lost 10 lbs and kept it off? Yeah… wellllll. Surprise! I started eating out again, drinking beer on the regular, and binging on junk food, and I put all of that weight back on.  Ugh! I know. I know!!

I was kind of fine with it, to be honest – the joy of eating a tray of cookies straight out of the oven surely outweighs the 10 lbs I gained eating them, right?! But then I saw this photo of myself:

Is there anything more depressing than seeing a photo of your fat self? Also, am I the only person who deludes themselves into thinking they are about 20 lbs lighter than they actually are? Because I don’t remember ever seeing THIS in the mirror!

and I was like “Noooooope. Nope nope nope! This shit ends HERE”. And then I continued to eat like a pig for a few days… I’m an animal! But NOW I’m ready to get my weight under control. Starting today, I am a new woman!

All of that stuff I said in my last post about making this an easy lifestyle change, not an unrealistic clean-eating, calorie-counting mission, is still true. I’m not going to adopt veganism or anything (I’d starve, for one thing), and this time, I’m not even going to give up sugar for a certain amount of time. My focus right now is a half hour of exercise every day (any exercise! This morning, I went for a walk), reasonable food portions, and fewer liquid calories (i.e. beer and soft drinks). That’s it.

I’m going to try to do regular updates about my “weight loss journey” (barf “weight loss journey” barf). I mean, don’t hold your breath or anything; you know my follow-through sucks. Once I start actually losing weight, I’ll do the ol’ “before and after” photo thing; I just refuse to post pics of my fat ass before I have somewhat decent photos of my skinny self to compare them to. Before pictures are great when they are part of a success story, and tragic when they are basically just a record of your failed weight loss attempts.


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