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I’ll Tell You When You’re Married

*Thank you for the blog idea, Teresa!

Parents cover their children's eyes while watching TVChase and I have been letting the kids watch New Girl lately, which I don’t really feel bad about because my mom let me watch all sorts of shit when I was little and I turned out mostly fine. My favourite movies when I was my daughters’ age were Cheech and Chong’s The Corsican Brothers, Dirty Dancing, and Howie Mandel’s standup special, Fits Like a Glove (because he put a latex glove on his head and blew it up with his nose – hilarious when you’re 6 years old). Also, Cocktail. Remember that movie? It was such a great movie.

This is really the first “adult” show my kids have been introduced to. I feel like Fuller House paved the way for this, because now my kids aren’t scared away by live-action shots of adults being adults who talk to other adults (as opposed to adults who only speak to children, or who act like kids and call it youth entertainment). I expected my daughters to leave the room when New Girl was on, but to my surprise, they loved it.

Fuller House can be kind of racy on the DL, but it’s marketed as a children’s show so, no harm no foul. However, there is a surprising amount of sex in New Girl, more than I remembered, and when those scenes come on, I mostly just hold my breath and pray my kids have no clue what’s happening. I feel like assuming the girls remain completely innocent is a safe bet, considering I thought the sperm at the beginning of Look Who’s Talking were tadpoles until I was 14 years old. I didn’t know that Cheech and Chong were getting high, or that Baby paid for Penny’s botched abortion, or that Howie Mandel tells dirty jokes. I just thought they were fun and quirky adults, doing fun adult things, and that was the end of it. Hopefully my girls think the same thing when Schmidt is wooing (woooooing) CeeCee or Nick is touching Jess’ upper boobs. I mean, I could have a discussion with my kids about what they think is going on, maybe get a gauge for the level of inadvertent perversion I am instilling in them, but I think I’ll just stick to my own mother’s tactic of pretending it’s not happening, and ignoring any questions that arise by telling them either I don’t know, or I’ll explain it when they are married. I respect what my mom did there.


2 thoughts on “I’ll Tell You When You’re Married

  1. Ha! Winston and his cat make that show worth watching.
    I remember thinking the same thing about Look Who’s Talking and by the time I started clueing in to what all this stuff meant I think it was old enough to be mortified that I was wathching it with my parents. Those safe sex and just say no to drugs commercials from the early 90s made me cringe so hard because I dreaded the conversation they were intended to spark. Uuuuughhh.

    1. Ha ha! There was a time I was embarrassed to be in the same room as my parents when people were kissing (even if it was just a show like Full House or something). It was awkward.

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