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Wedninterestday – I Hope You Like Meat

Listerine foot soaks aren’t the only thing I’ve been pinning lately. My Pinterest boards have been getting a workout these past few weeks – from crochet projects to snail mail inspo to recipes to clothes I want to buy but will never actually own because my proportions are too weird to purchase garments online. More importantly, I’ve been trying some of those pins, and aside from my brief foray into home pedicures, every single one has been a win.

You know what I like about trying pins? It makes me feel productive, like I’m doing something positive with my time. I am LIVING MY LIFE. I am BEING CREATIVE*. I am combining my internet addiction with REAL EXPERIENCES.  It’s basically therapy for me, without that nasty business of having to change anything about myself or my life. Which brings me to WedninterestdayTM! The day of the week I blog about the shit I’ve tried from Pinterest**.

*If you define creativity as copying someone else’s idea.

**Speaking of creativity and copying someone else’s idea, how many blogs are there dedicated to this very premise? I’m not claiming this Pintester style of blog is my idea. That being said, a quick Google search confirms that I’m the only person to call it “Wedninterestday” so… take from that what you will.

Chase and I have been trying, fairly successfully I might add, to save money by eating at home (rather than visiting a different restaurant every evening like we’ve been doing for our whole adult lives). It has been amazing. Homecooked food is great. Who knew? Crockpot meals, especially, are my favourites because they are so good and they take so little effort. I have been pinning the crap out of them.

To steal another idea, while I’m on a roll here, old school blogger Melissa Summers used to have a segment on her (now deleted) website, Suburban Bliss, called (if I remember correctly) “Did They Eat It?”, dedicated to reviewing recipes and finding meals her children would actually eat (I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before somewhere…). I was reading those posts before my kids were even born, and I still can’t make a new recipe without thinking about it, so my food recommendations will come with commentary regarding whether or not my children ate it. You’re welcome, moms everywhere, and thank you, Melissa, for being freaking awesome.

Here are a few, very good meals I’ve tried since January:


Slow Cooker Beef Stew – The girls picked at the meat and vegetables, but both ate a loaf of bread to themselves, dipped in the gravy.

Slow Cooker Pot Roast – The girls liked the gravy on their mashed potatoes. My 7 year old wouldn’t eat the meat, but my 4 year old carnivore liked the roast, too.

Slow Cooker Bacon Apple-Wrapped  BBQ Chicken – The 4 year old liked it. 7 year old wouldn’t touch it.

Slow Cooker Ritz Chicken – 7 year old claimed she hated it without trying it and her sister followed suit. Adults loved it.

Sweet and Sour Meat Balls – Kids weren’t a big fan, and Chase thought they were too sweet. I really liked them, especially the next day.

Brown Sugar Meatloaf – Both kids ate it, and Chase was in heaven.


…Clearly, I’m a girl who enjoys her meat.




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