Monthly Favourites (Like the Beauty Vloggers Do, If Beauty Vloggers Mostly Talked About Internet Videos)

June Favourites

Juuuuuuuuuuune Favourites! It’s been awhile since I’ve written one of these. Let me be your guide to (a bunch of crap you probably don’t care about on) The Internet.

7 Minutes in Heaven
My very favourite thing that happened this month was me finding out that one of my most loved, formerly abandoned, YouTube series’, 7 Minutes in Heaven, has been resurrected on another channel. Mike O’Brien is still adorable, and the show is still hilarious and awkward.


Jenna Marbles’ ASMR Mukbang Unboxing Gaming Tutorial
Why are Mukbang videos a thing now, and why can’t I stop watching the ones Trisha Paytas makes? I don’t know. I disgust myself. Anyway, Jenna Marbles’ ASMR Mukbang Unboxing Gaming Tutorial is my everything. This is the reason I’ve fallen in love with Jenna all over again.


Yoga with Lizzza
Apparently this Lizzza girl is really big on Snapchat or Vine or something, but I’m too old and set in my ways for those social media platforms, so I just subscribe to her stuff on YouTube. She’s awesome and hilarious and her content is ALMOST enough to make me check out her other accounts (if I wasn’t also lazy). Maybe it’s because I watched it at midnight (which, all parents know, is actually 4am for a mom), but her Yoga with Lizzza video made me laugh out loud. Too old for Snapchat, not too old to laugh at a million fart jokes… “Turn up the soothing music!!”


This is That Talk (Thought Leader)
I know about This is That because my husband is an old man who listens to CBC Radio all the time and sometimes I find myself actually enjoying it. Like, really, really enjoying it. They have some funny, creative people at the CBC. Pat Kelly gives an amazing presentation on Thought Leadership in the video below. Honestly, it is complete perfection.


Cas’ Horrifying Rumble Experience
I loooooooove Cas’ story about inadvertently bringing a group of homeless dudes to a fancy executive dinner because it is exactly the kind of situation I’d get myself into. I relate SO HARD. It’s weird to watch a video like this and go “oh my god, me too!” but that’s what happened.


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