Happy “6th” Birthday, Butterbean!

IMG_9146Age: 5 (says she feels like a 6 year-old)

Grade: SK

Nicknames: Whit, Whitty Bug, Monster, The Drama Queen

Favourite Person: Nanny

“Favourite Person [She] Can’t See”: Jesus

Most Resembles: Probably Mommy

Favourite Pastimes: Talking, watching toy unboxings and videos of people playing with Barbies on YouTube, baking, dressing up her dolls, changing her clothes 3+ times a day (mostly into different pairs of pajamas and princess dresses)

Dislikes: Cleaning up, 99% of all healthy food

Favourite Songs: Katy Perry’s Roar, AronChupa’s I’m an Albatraoz, Michael Jackson’s Thriller, Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda (the original, but especially the fart version), this depressing version of Oh My Darling Clementine

Often Uttered: “You like Sprout more than me,” “actually” and “also”

Cutest Mispronounced Words: “Bideo” (video) and “TV-vision” (television)

Favourite Names for her Dolls: Lovely, Kashina Rose

Disposition: This girl is drama. She is also silly, sensitive, independent and creative

Known For: Telling fibs. Also, for crawling into mom and dad’s bed, whether we like it or not. Most nights she sleeps with me until Chase carries her to her own bed, and 40% of the time she makes her way back to our room in the middle of the night

Favourite Food: Potatoes and gravy, and anything with sugar in it (In fact, I recently found her eating sugar with a spoon straight from the bowl)

Fondest wish: To be in charge


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