Games I Play with My 4 Year-Old: Actor

IMG_7746I found this post in my drafts folder. I had completely forgotten about it and this game, but now that I read back on it, I actually WANT to have Special Time tonight (“Special Time” being when the kids and I play together).

My daughter loves to pretend. Me: not so much. I’m too lazy and jaded for pretend, so every play session with Butterbean turns into a personal challenge to amuse myself while moving as little as possible. I am always THRILLED when I come up with a game that makes me laugh and allows me to be lazy.

My new favourite game is “Actor”. Butterbean likes it when I make her stuffed animals talk, so I make one of them a movie director, and I pretend that Butterbean is an actress. First, I coach her on her role. “You’re going to be a spy. I want you to pretend to be sneaky and hide behind the laundry hamper. Then I want you to jump out and punch a bad guy in the face!” Then I say “3, 2, 1, Action!” and she plays her part (she’s adorable). Then, in my most obnoxious “director” voice I tell her how great she was (“You were woooooonderful, dahling! I really felt like I was in Russia!”… or whatever), and get her do to the part again, only maybe more sneakily or loudly or I tell her to flail her arms around a little more or something.

Seriously, it’s the best game ever. I can get her to do any number of hilarious things, and it gets us through Special Time without me checking the clock every few minutes.

If you want to read about more creative and amusing games you, too, can play with your children, I have SEVERAL posts. You can read them here, here, here, and here.


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