Happy 2nd Birthday, Bean Sprout!

My youngest had a birthday this month, and in keeping with tradition, I thought I’d post a little snapshot of what she is like as a 2 year-old.

A Photo of Sprout on her 2nd birthday:

IMG_7495(trying to get the spoon to stick to her nose)

Nicknames: Lore, Lilo, Lilo Bilo, BB, Bea, Lolo-lye

Family Members she Most Resembles: Nanny, Daddy

Favourite Activities: Cleaning (give that girl a wet cloth, and she is a machine!), playing with her “babies,” copying her big sister, dancing in the kitchen with Mommy, pulling the wagon, putting on deodorant, eating hand cream, and drenching herself in shampoo

Favourite Games: Running from Daddy when it’s time to get changed, climbing into the fridge to look for food, running out the front door when she’s not supposed to, and trying on every shoe in the house.

Favourite People: Daddy, Mommy, Butterbean, Grandpa, John

Human Tricks: Bea can count to 10 and she can pee on the potty

Favourite Food: Spaghetti, coke and coffee drinks (which she steals from mom and dad at every opportunity)

Least Favourite Food: Anything white

Favourite Music: Row Row Row Your Boat, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, Got Myself a Baby Bumble Bee, and What Does the Fox Say

Favourite Show: Dora the Explorer

Disposition: Happy, independent, fearless (but can be a little shy), mischievous, affectionate, easily upset when she doesn’t get her own way


Can’t Live Without: Her chooch, Eeyore




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