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The Highlights of My Week

This is the type of thing you look forward to as a parent.

1. Chase and I took vacation together during the week

Chase and I never do date night. Date night is expensive. You have to line up a baby sitter, pay for whatever event or activity you’ve decided to do together, and put on clothes that are socially acceptable to wear in public. Screw date night.

Taking a paid vacation day together while the kids are in school/at their regular daycare is much, much, better. Chase and I took two days off this week just to hang out together. We shopped at Value Village. We watched TV. We went out for lunch. It was nice and relaxed.

As a childless individual, I might have considered this a waste of vacation days. As a parent, doing absolutely nothing with my significant other is nothing short of heaven.

2. My 3 year-old discovered Family Guy

I spent an entire hour watching Family Guy clips on YouTube with Butterbean, who recently decided that she LOVES that show. I have no regrets. Will my 3 year-old become warped because I let her watch an adult cartoon rife with rape jokes? Maybe. Did I spend some quality time with my child and avoid watching horrible children shows like Dora and Max and Ruby? You’re damn straight I did. It was awesome.

3. I found Robin in the Rain

My daughter learned this song, Robin in the Rain, in kindergarten, and even though I’d never heard the original – just the Bean’s tuneless rendition with only half the words -it’s been stuck in my head for weeks. I finally YouTubed it this morning, and it turns out that it’s a pretty awesome Raffi song (I mean, awesome for a kids song. I don’t mean to mislead you here. You’re not going to want to rock out to it or anything). I actually cheered when I found the video and Butterbean did a jig.


2 thoughts on “The Highlights of My Week

    1. I used to have Raffi records (RECORDS!) as a kid, but I don’t remember Robin in the Rain (or Wobin in the Wain, as it’s known ’round these parts). Loooove it. So cute! Whit thinks it’s funny when he says “don’t get your feet wet.”

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